The Dallas Area Municipal Authority Nearly fifty percent (50%) of the municipal solid waste collected in 2014 from the DAMA program was recycled.  Keep up the great work recycling and thank you for your support with the new, Single Stream Recycling (SSR) program.
The purpose of the DAMA Solid Waste Program is to ensure solid waste is managed in such a way that it protects both public health and the environment. The DAMA Solid Waste Program works effectively to help all DAMA customers better manage their solid wastes from curbside to disposal and recycling.

The collection of curbside materials is completed five days a week, collecting both MSW and SSR material every day.  There is a 2 bag limit per household, with unlimited recycling.Trash and Recycling must be placed curbside by 7:00am, for collection on the correct day for your area.  Additional “BLUE” extra bag stickers may be purchased at: Cook’s Pharmacy, Thomas’ Market, Newell's Fuel Service, or at the DAMA main office.  The Green Recycling containers (see container to the right) may be purchased at the D.A.M.A. office for $16.00.

Municipal Solid Waste and Recycling will not be collected on certain holidays. Please refer to your Recycling Calendar for a list of those days. Collection will be one day late for the remainder of that week for all days.  Example:  If Monday is the holiday, all pick-ups for that week will be the next day, ending on Saturday with (Friday's Route). Except Memorial Day and Labor Day. If your collection day is Monday or Tuesday your trash and recycling will be collected Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will remain regular trash and recycling pickup.

The MSW material collected is being disposed at Waste Management's Alliance Landfill., and the SSR material is sent to Northeast Recycling Solutions.

Please call (570)696-1133 if you have any Mercury Thermometers or Mercury Thermostats. 

Vacancy Credit

"Vacancies (reduction in quarterly bill) for one full quarter, 90 consecutive days, will only be allowed for solid waste customers when they are the owners of the property, and the property is their primary residential address.  Written notice must be  provided by the customer to the DAMA Business Office prior to the start of the quarter in which the vacancy is requested.  There are no partial vacancies (less than one full quarter) and only one credit per EDU per year will be allowed. Special consideration will be granted in cases involving fire or condemnation.

Additional consideration must first be approved by the DAMA Board of Directors on a case by case basis."

Reducing the amount of solid waste generated remains the program's primary goal and increasing the collection of recyclables.  Through the cooperative efforts of citizens, the program has steadily increased the amount of recycled material collected.  Over 45% of all material collected 2013, was sent to the recycling center, thereby, reducing cost and saving landfill space.

Commercial Establishments:

Act 101 requires commercial facilities to recycle, it is also a requirement for commercial facilities to report the amounts of material recycled. Below is a link to the recycling report that all businesses within Dallas Township, Dallas Borough and Kingston Township are required to fill out annually and send back to DAMA with attached receipts verifying the amount of material recycled.  Your hauler should be able to provide you with this information.

Recycling by both commercial facilities and residential homes greatly enhances DAMA's Solid Waste Division to keep costs down for all.  Several factors are:

1) The recycling center is less than half the distance to travel to compared to the landfill, saving DAMA customers money, reducing vehicle hauling cost such as fuel, vehicle wear and maintenance, driver's time, and minimizes our trucks on the roads improving safety and less damage to roads from bigger vehicles.

2) Less waste material sent to the landfill reduces DAMA customers overall program cost, we pay by the weight of materail in the truck, less weight equals money saved. Recycling also saves highly valuable landfill space, and again minimizes vehicle hauling cost such as fuel, vehicle wear and maintenance.

At a minimum the following materials should be recycled:

Clear glass, colored glass, aluminum, steel and bimetallic cans, high grade office paper, newsprint, corrugated paper, plastics and leaf and yard waste.


If you have any recycling and/or waste disposal questions please call: (570) 696-1133, we will be happy to assist you.  Thank you for supporting the program and keep up the great job recycling!

Single-Stream Recycling

 "Things are always picking up!"