Frequently Asked Questions

What bin goes out each week?
All items are collected weekly. This recycling plan was created to fit your lifestyle, so you decide what to place out for collection each week. If you feel your glass bin is not full enough to take curbside you can hold it until it is full.

Why are the bins so small?
The trucks used for Multi-Stream recycling are  higher than a traditional garbage truck and the bins will need to be lifted above the loaders head. The smaller size helps to prevent injury and brakeage of bins. 

What bin is for my paper and cardboard?
Paper and cardboard can be bundled together or placed in the blue bin. 

What do I do with my trash?
These changes are only for recycling and trash collection will remain the same. You are allowed two 32 gallon bags/containers with a maximum weight of 35 pounds each. 

Where do the items that do not belong in your recycling go?
Styrofoam, pizza boxes, drinking glasses, paper towels, napkins, shredded paper, light bulbs, plastic grocery bags, tissues, window glass and syringes will go in your trash.