Public Sewers

The Dallas Area Municipal Authority (DAMA) constructed, operates, and maintains the collection, conveyance, equalization and primary pumping station facilities that serve the “charter member” municipalities of Dallas Borough, Dallas Township, and Kingston Township. DAMA also serves, via intermunicipal type contracts, Jackson Township, Lehman Townhship and Harvey’s Lake Borough.

DAMA currently serves approximately 8,596 households located within Dallas Borough, Dallas Township, Kingston Township, Jackson Township, Lehman Township and Harvey’s Lake.

The sewer collection and conveyance system consists of approximately 100+ miles of gravity sewer lines ranging in size from 6” to 30”. The interceptor sewer consists of pipe sizes ranging from 20” up thru 30” and is approximately 5.732 miles in length. The conveyance system in addition to the interceptor line consists of 16 remote pumping stations and forcemains ranging in size from 2hp to 75hp and one main pumping station with a 2.8 million gallon equalization tank.

The average daily flow over the past three years has risen to approximately 3.5 Million Gallons per Day (MGD). Measured wet weather flow events have ranged from 5.0 MGD to a peak of 8.0 MGD.

Main Pumping Station, Headworks, Equalization Tanks and Forcemain System

The existing headworks structure (screening building) located just upstream of the main pumping station consists of heated brick building structure which houses two comminutors in a 30” channel.

The equalization tanks were modified in 1994 from the ten original process treatment tanks, which were constructed in the early 1960’s. The poured-in-place concrete tanks have a combined volume of approximately 927,000 gallons. As part of DAMA’s long range plan projects, the concrete tanks have been replaced with a 2.8 million gallon steel tank for flow equalization.

The Main Pumping Station has a peak capacity of 8.07 MGD and consists of a wetwell/ three submersible pump system arrangement with variable frequency drive control units. The main pump station includes diesel back-up emergency generator to accommodate utility power outages.

The 18” Ductile-Iron Cement-Lined (D.I.D.L.) forcemain is approximately 4 miles in length traveling through five municipalities en-route to the WVSA Loveland Avenue pump station forcemain connection. The forcemain includes 19 air/vacuum release valves, some are encased in vaults above or below ground.

Operation and Maintenance


  • DAMA dedicates 8 full-time employees, (6 of which are PA licensed operators) daily to perform inspection, operations, and maintenance of the main pump station and equalization system, the remote pump station, and the collection/conveyance system.
  • DAMA is responsible for all Pennsylvania ONE-CALL System responses, mark-outs, and potential conflict resolutions for it’s entire system including but not limited to the 18” force main (thru 5 municipalities), the interceptor (all in PADOT right-of-way), and the entire remaining collection system.
  • DAMA is responsible for all manhole cover raising or lowering throughout it’s system for milling/paving work being conducted by PADOT, the Townships, or Borough.
  • DAMA is responsible for inspection of all new connections, new collection mains, new laterals, etc (including air testing) to assure proper operation of entire system in future years.
  • DAMA is responsible for regular inspection of interceptor and primary sewer collection mains includingn televising and visual inspection via manhole access. It should be noted that “OSHA” training for confined space entry (i.e. Manholes, Pump Stations, etc,) is required and three men are required for entry to manholes and/or pump stations.
  • DAMA also routinely inspects the interceptor and collection mains during rainfall events to assure surface water and groundwater is not entering manholes from roadways, drainageways, stream crossings, etc. DAMA has and does install I/I inserts below lid coatings to prevent surface water entry where applicable
  • DAMA personnel are required to attend mandatory training sessions and various seminars to maintain PA State wastewater license requirements.

B. Main Pump Station/Equalization Tanks

  • Daily plan walk-thru, including but not limited to, meter readings, bar screen cleaning and maintenance, pump hour meter readings, vfd system check, level control device check, back-up generator check, diesel fuel gauge reading, etc.
  • General plant maintenance including pump seals, grease fittings on mechanical equipment (comminutor, pumps, equalization tank aeration devices, submersible tank drain pumps, valves, etc)
  • General equalization tank draining and periodic cleaning due to rain events
  • Grounds maintenance including grass cutting, stream bed repair after rainstorms, driveway plowing during winter months, ice removal from tankage and aerators during winter months for operation, etc.
  • Manual degreaser addition at main pump station to assure no build-up in wetwell or forcemain system.

C. Remote Pumping Stations

  • Daily inspection includes visitation to all 16 stations for routine check of all pumps, valves, controls, alarms, meters (if applicable) and grounds.
  • Twice per week each station inspection includes pumps hour meter readings and amp meter readings.
  • Quarterly (minimum) all pumps are pulled from all 16 stations for cleaning and inspection of impellers, seals, bearings, etc. In addition, degreaser is added quarterly at each station to assure the entire collection/conveyance system is benefiting from the degreaser addition.
  • Two to three times per year DAMA utilizes it’s vactor truck to completely drain clean, and inspect each station’s wetwell.

D. 18” Force Main & Air Release/Vacuum Manholes

  • Perform yearly inspections and maintenance of right-of-ways (i.e.e tree/brush cutting, etc.)
  • Twice per year inspections and maintenance of air release/vacuum valves and manholes along the forcemain.
  • Inspection of bridge crossing installations and payment of bridge rental fees.
  • PA ONE-CALL response, mark-out, and conflict resolution for entire 4 miles of forcemain throughout 5 municipalities.

Major Capital or Maintenance Projects (Completed-to-Date)

  • Installation of PADOT approved buried meter vault with meter to measure Harvey’s Lake sewage flow to DAMA’s system.
  • 2003- 20” Interceptor collapse of Rt. 415 near entrance of Payne Printery.
  • 2004-2005 Televising, design, bidding and construction of approximately 1200 l.f. of exisiting 20” concrete interceptor immediately below Payne Printery.
  • 2005-2006 Design, bidding, and construction of Phase I improvements to Main Pumping Station to include installation of two mechanical grinders at head works building, submersible pump, controls, and vfd replacement, new metewr and meter vault installation and miscellaneous electrical upgrades.
  • 2007 – present: Extensive long range plan projects to include main and satellite pump station improvements; miscellaneous I & I repairs; system wide metering and capacity verification; installation of a 2.8 million gallon flow equalization tank; purchase of a CCTV van and Vactor sewer cleaning truck for inspection, operation and maintenance of DAMA’s collection system and pumping stations.
  • 2013 — purchase of a Trelleborg CIPP (Curied In Place Pipe) Lining System which is used to repair old or defective sewer mains without the need to dig up the street. This process allows for repairs to be made with minimal homeowner disruption and decreases the inconvenience to our valued customers.
  • 2014 — purchase of a Dancutter Lateral Reinstatment System to open building sewer laterals following relining of the sewer main.
  • 2015 — purchase of a Trelleborg CIPP Lateral Lining system to repair leaks and defects at the junction of the building sewer and DAMA sewer main.
  • 2016 — purchase of a new IBAK CCTV Sewer Inspection Truck to replace old outdated unit.