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DAMA Online ...Since 1970 Dallas Area Municipal Authority has been a natural resource for those who live and work in Dallas, Shavertown, Trucksville, and adjoining areas of our community. We provide vital services to residents and businesses, including on-lot and public septic, solid waste and recycling, as well as yard waste and composting.

Today, we serve more customers than ever before as the "Back Mountain" has grown in population - and we have kept pace with our customers' needs through enhanced services, state-of-the-art processes, and the highest level of customer service.

Our customer-friendly focus is evident in our user-friendly web-site. Please accept this invitation to click through and discover all that DAMA has to offer including a monthly calendar giving you up-to-date information on solid waste and recycling, as well as our convenient new on-line bill paying service.

Office Hours are 8am-4pm Monday-Friday

Please see online calendar for Compressed Holiday Route Collections and Special Events.


Payment Options:

Credit Card:

  • DAMA Water/Sewer/Recycling customers can pay their current bills on-line or by phone.
    Pay your utility bill on-line. Click Here and you will be connected to our secure payment processor where you can use your Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Discover Credit Card account. Pay your utility bill by phone 24/7 by calling our automated system at, (877)-469-0680. Your billing notice you received will have two different bill amounts, and the Due Date. You may pay the lower amount until the Due Date show.
Pay or View Your DAMA Bill Online ...


  • Customers electing to use this payment method have their wastewater bill charged automatically to a selected checking or savings account each quarter. In order to enroll for electronic bill payment, you must fill out and mail the Direct Payment Authorization Form to the Dallas Area Municipal Authority.
  • You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print this form. Please note however that enrollment in the ACH program only goes into effect for the billing cycle occurring after we receive your form. You will still receive a bill notice in the mail, but it will contain a message indicating the date your account will be charged, and to "DO NOT SEND A PAYMENT".
ACH Transfer ...

Click Here to view outstanding invoices, see details of each service provided and pay any open invoice with a credit or debit card. All DAMA online transactions are encrypted for your security. The "s" in "https://" means that our website is secure and thieves can't intercede your personal information. more

DAMA BillSample Utility Bill:
Click on the image to the right for a guide to using your your bill on-line. Once that date has passed, you must pay the higher amount. You cannot make a partial payment. You must pay the current amount due as stated on your bill. 

Note: A Handling Fee will be added to your payment, and displayed once you enter your payment amount and click on [Continue].

Make sure you complete all the information, providing a daytime phone number and email address (if you have one) so that we can contact you should there be any questions about your payment.

Dallas Area Municipal Authority
101 Memorial Highway
Shavertown, Pennsylvania

Phone: (570) 696-1133

DAMA is presently staffed by twenty-one full-time employees in the Sewer and Solid Waste divisions of the Authority. The professional certification of the DAMA staff includes a PA State Licensed Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator, two PA State Licensed Sewage Enforcement Officers, two PA State Licensed Wastewater Collection Systems Operators, and numerous CDL licensed drivers.

Collectively, DAMA employees offer well over 125 years of combined service to our Back Mountain Communities.

We're always here for you!

Send Us Your Pictures ...

Did you know that if you recycle one aluminum can, you can save the same amount of energy that's needed to power your flat screen TV for about four hours?

When you recycle products you use every day, like cardboard boxes, soda cans and milk jugs, you can give new life to the items thrown away daily.

DAMA works hard with our residents and businesses by recycling your trash to save energy and help lower greenhouse gas emissions too.

We would like to show everyone how hard you are working to accomplish this with us.

Please email us your picture showing how you and your family use your DAMA recycle container to save the back mountain and the planet.

Send your picture to:

NOTE: please make sure that your picture is 1 MB or smaller. In the subject line of your email please type "Recycling Picture Entry" and in the content area please tell us a little about your picture. By sending DAMA your picture, it becomes the property of the Dallas Area Municipal Authority (DAMA) and may be used on our website or in other media.

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